Archimedean point

Archimedean point
谞拽讜讚转-讗专讻讬诪讚住 (谞拽讜讚转 讗讞讬讝讛, 讘住讬住)
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(住讬住讘 ,讛讝讬讞讗 转讚讜拽谞) 住讚诪讬讻专讗-转讚讜拽谞

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  • Archimedean point 鈥 An Archimedean point is a hypothetical vantage point from which an observer can objectively perceive the subject of inquiry, with a view of totality. The ideal of removing oneself from the object of study so that one can see it in relation to all 鈥   Wikipedia

  • Archimedean point 鈥 foothold, foundation, base 鈥   English contemporary dictionary

  • Archimedean 鈥 means of or pertaining to or named in honor of the Greek mathematician Archimedes. These are most commonly:* Archimedean property * Archimedean absolute value * Archimedean solid * Archimedean point * Archimedean tiling * Archimedean spiral *… 鈥   Wikipedia

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  • archimedean spiral 鈥 noun Usage: usually capitalized A : a plane curve generated by a point moving away from or toward a fixed point at a constant rate while the radius vector from the fixed point rotates at a constant rate * * * Archimedean spiral noun The curve… 鈥   Useful english dictionary

  • Archimedean spiral 鈥 noun A spiral that increases in distance from the point of origin at a constant rate. Syn: arithmetic spiral, spiral of Archimedes 鈥   Wiktionary

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